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Chicken Wontons

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

They are amazinggggggggggg you guys, it's a bit of work, but it's definitely worth it. I made them with chicken because I don't eat pork, so you could definitely try with pork if you want and tell me how it is!

It was my second time making wontons, first time I made some was during the first COVID wave, I had a lot of time on my hands, and a sous-chef at my job had made pork wontons a while back that were apparently AMAZING, sooooo I was definitely craving some haha!

I love eating wontons, because they are so light and an amazing burst of flavour.

My recipe will give you about 100 wontons, so it's awesome, you can just freeze all of them and you will have a nice "wonton stash"!

And FYI, I am notttt a the wonton queen or whatever hahah sooo I did buy my wonton dough!

Hope you enjoy!


454g Ground chicken

30g Cilantro

25g ginger

1 Green onion

1 Stick of celery

1/3cup Orange juice

1tbsp Sriracha

2tbsp Soy sauce

1tsp Chili flakes

1tsp Chicken powder

1tsp Pepper

1/2tsp Salt


-Put all of the ingredients (EXCEPT the ground chicken) in the food processor.

-Blend until there's no chunks of celery, ginger or onion.

-Add the meat, and pulse until well combined.

-Take the wonton dough.

-Put the meat in the middle, and with ur finger, brush water on the sides then fold it in a triangle.

-Repeat until you have no moire meat left.


-I said to fold it in a triangle because it's the easy way, but if you're really good with that check on YouTube to find different ways to fold them.

-Also, like I said before, you can make a bunch of them and just leave them in the freezer, however, put them on a tray to freeze them correctly before putting them all together.

-There's more than one way to cook them, you could boil them for 3 minutes in salted water, or fry the (I used and air fryer) for 4 minutes orrr until the dough is golden.

-The dipping sauce I have next to them is a mix of soy sauce, sriracha and sesame oil, you could also check to make a broth.

-Last but not least, don't put too much filling or it'll spill on all sides.

Hope everyone enjoys!

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