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Decadent Coconut French Toast

One of my favourite meals ever is: BRUNCH!

Sadly, I hardly get the chance to go out for brunch because I'm always working the brunch shift at my jobs, but that also means I get to learn so many brunch do's and dont's!

One very important thing I recently learnt this past year is that french toast on sliced bread is boring and very soggy (personal opinion buttt very true hahah).

Whilst working at my previous job, I realized it was a thing to coat the toast in cereal to make sure you didn't end up with a soggy brekkie! Another tip would be to use a dryer bread, or simply let some moist bread dry out a little. You won't end up with an "over moisturized" bread, dipping the bread in the egg mixture will simply re-hydrate the bread enough!

You'd be surprised, but for mine, I simply used left over baguette! What I like about it is that the thicker exterior of the bread keeps it from soaking too much liquid. also instead of using the usual milk or cream, I used coconut cream, and in every bite, you can DEFINITELY taste the complexity and richness of the flavours.

Okay, enough of the build up, let's get right to it!


2 Eggs

2tsp Vanilla

1tsp Cinnamon

2tbsp Hot chocolate powder

2tbsp Brown sugar

3/4cup Coconut cream

1/4cup Almond milk (vanilla unsweetened)

Whatever bread you like (sliced)

Oil to cook

Butter to cook


-Mix all the ingredients for the egg/cream mixture.

-Heat up a pan with some oil (medium heat).

-Dip the bread in the mixture.

-When the pan is hot enough, add a table spoon of butter then immediately add the bread.

-Once it reaches a nice golden colour, flip it.

-When the other side reaches a golden colour, put in the serving plate.

-Now put all your favourite toppings, and ENJOYYY!

My toppings:

Whipped cream, raspberries, blueberries, coconut granola, honey and my favourite, fresh basil!


-Make sure the heat isn't too strong when you put the butter in the pan or it will simply be burnt.

-The granola as a topping is definitely a must in my opinion, it adds nice texture to the plate.

-A fresh herb such as mint or basil will for sure be a nice addition, my personal go-to is basil. It's a huge game changer in sweet food!

-If you also make your french toast with baguette, you'll notice it's more chewy than moist then a sliced bread French toast!

Now quit reading and enjoy this moment of pure joy!

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