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Haitian Chicken

Have you ever had Haitian chicken? If the answer is no, you're going to discover right now why I'm sooo into chicken haha, and if yes, here's the recipe to your favourite chicken!

At the age of 10 the only two recipes I knew how to do were chicken and Mac n cheese (Haitian style) haha, I've been cooking chicken for 10 years now, sooo I feel like the art of "chicken cooking" is definitely my thing! haha

Being Haitian, the first step here will be to wash the chicken! I don't know for you, but I always wash my chicken it's a must, gotta kill them bacterias!

Washing the chicken

What you need!

850g Chicken drumsticks (8 drumsticks)

500ml Water (boiled)

1/2cup White vinegar

1 Lemon

How to get it clean!

-Put the chicken in a bowl, with the vinegar.

-Mix so that all the chicken is well soaked in there.

-Boil the water.

-Cut the lemon in 4 and juice it in a separate bowl, keep both the juice and the juiced wedges.

-Put the lemon juice aside.

-Rub each drumstick with the inside part of the lemon wedges.

-Throw the wedges out, and pour the hot boiled water on the chicken.

-Now get rid of the water + vinegar in the bowl

-Add the lemon juice over the chicken and you've got a clean chicken ready to get marinated!

Marinade Ingredients

1/2cup Haitian spices (recipe at the bottom)

1tbsp Scotch bonnet sauce

2tbsp Soy sauce

1tbsp Chicken stock powder

1tbsp Montreal steak spices

4 Garlic cloves (Crushed)

2tbsp Lime juice

tsp Pepper

1tsp Salt

1 Green onion (cut in half)

2g Thym (whole)

5g Parsley (whole)

1/2cup Water


-Preheat the oven at 400F.

-Put all of the marinade ingredients over the chicken EXCEPT the water, and mix.

-Let it marinate for at least 30 minutes.

-In a hot cast iron skillet with oil, sear the chicken on both sides.

-Put the water in the bowl where the excess marinade is left and mix.

-Pour this mixture in the pan to deglaze.

-When the liquid boils, close the heat and put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

-Take the skillet out and flip the chicken, put it back for another 10 minutes.

-Now the chicken is ready! However, for more colour and crispiness, put the oven on broil setting until it reaches a beautiful golden colour.

-Now get your plate 'cause it's time to eat!


-I left my chicken to marinate for 2 days! A longer marinating time will get you the best taste!

-You can eat it with whatever! My number one recommendation would be coconut rice! all you need to do is add coconut oil in ur rice water! DM me on instagram if you have questions!

-No need to put the chicken on the broil setting in the end, this is optional!

Well I guess these were the only extra infos today. The Haitian spices recipe will follow!

Haitian Spices (everything blended together)

2 Garlic cloves

1 Green onion

1/2 Scotch bonnet pepper (optional)

1 Celery stick

10g Cilantro

1/2cup Olive oil


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