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High Protein Breakfast Bagel

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Sooo This isn't really a recipe, it's more of a breakfast idea! If you like cream cheese, here's a way to eat creamed cheese with less fat and more protein!

And if you've seen my previous posts, you know how obsessed I am with pico de Gallo so of course it's included in my breakfast.

Creamed cheese

An amazing substitute for cream cheese is to buy low fat cottage cheese instead (which is very high in protein) and put it in your food processor.

In there, you can add some salt/pepper if u want and also a little bit of cream (1tbs for a 250ml of cottage cheese). The cream is also optional I personally don't put it, but what it does is it makes it fluffier!

Pico de gallo

As for the Pico de Gallo, if you haven't seen my previous pico de Gallo recipe here it is!


4 Medium size Tomatoes

3 Small red onions

2 Jalapeños

¼ Bunch of cilantro

¼cup Lime juice

Salt/Pepper to taste

½tbsp Sriracha (Optional)


-Dice the tomatoes, the red onions and the jalapeños and put them in a bowl.

-Chop the cilantro and add it in the bowl.

-With a spoon, mix everything.

-Add the lime juice and salt/pepper.

-And if you like your food extra spicy, at some siracha! (This is purely optional!)

And now here's what you need to make this high protein breakfast bagel!


1 Bagel

2 Eggs

Creamed cottage cheese

Pico de gallo


-Cut the bagel in half and toast it.

-Heat up a pan with olive oil and fry the eggs.

-When bagel is done, spread the wanted amount of cottage creamed cheese on toasts.

-When the eggs are done as desired, put them on the bottom part of the bagel.

-Put the pico de Gallo on top.

-Then eat this creamy deliciousness and have a great day!

Little tips!

-I like cooking my egg a little bit between over easy and hard fried, because I don't like a runny yolk, but it tastes soo good and creamy when the egg is no fully cooked!

-what I also do it when I finish spreading the cheese on my toasts, I put them in my hot pan (outside side down) so that the outsides are crispier!

- Last tip, I prefer eating it open faced, so I put on egg on each bread and pico de Gallo on top of each.

Open faced is just always better! haha

Hope you like this little breakfast idea!

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