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Lindt Double Milk Chocolate Cookies

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Might sound crazy, but it took me about two months to come up with the PERFECT cookie recipe hahah! It's definitely the top dessert of my blog right now! They're everything you could want in a chocolate chip cookie!

I love my cookies very chewy, and every time I check for that kind of recipe online, they are closer to cakey than to chewy, anddd I don't like cakey cookies hahah. The recipe I came up with is reallyyyyyy amazing (I'm sounding veryyyyy braggy, butttt it's true hahah). They're not too sweet anddd they stay chewy, they don't harden!

My first batch of cookies were reallyyyyyyy good! But not aesthetically pleasing hahah and nottttt chewy at all.

My brother told me : Mimi it's good, but they really look like a piece of steak hahah

They we're also very crumbly. Which didn't really bother me, butttttt I wanted a PRETTY and CHEWY cookie haha. So I then realized after reading online, that a chewier cookie calls for more fat+sugar and less flour.

Sooo I did a second test!

Anddddd I think you see it right away, they were veryyyyy greasy hahah. It was goodddd, but I definitely felt sick after half a cookie hahah.

Anyways, I ended up figuring out the perfect recipe and ,seriously, you will not want to try another recipe after doing this one!

Let's get baking!


120g Unsalted butter

60g Condensed milk

100g Brown sugar

160g All-purpose flour

1/2tsp Salt

1/2tsp Baking powder

1 Egg

1tsp Vanilla extract

200g Double milk Lindt Chocolate (2 bars)

125g Semi-sweet chocolate chips


-Take a small pot and brown the butter.

-In a small bowl, put the flour, salt and baking powder.

-And in a smaller one, the egg and the vanilla.

-Once the butter is browned (not burnt be careful haha), cut the heat and add the condensed milk and the brown sugar with the butter.

-Whisk to make the mix semi-homogeneous.

-Transfer it in a medium bowl, and whisk making the 8 movement with the whisk.

-Once it's homogeneous, add the egg and vanilla.

-Whisk quickly once it's added to make sure the egg doesn't cook due to the heat.

-Fold in the flour mix.

-Let the dough cool down for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator.

-Chop half of the Lindt chocolate (1 bar) in big pieces.

-Fold in the chopped Lindt and the chocolate chips in the cookie dough.

-With an ice cream scoop, make 20 dough balls.

-Put them on a tray with parchment paper.

-Take the 100g left of double milk chocolate, cut each square in half, and put a half on each cookie ball.

-Let them rest in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

-Preheat the oven at 350F.

-Cook for 12 minutes once the oven is ready.

-Take them out, and let them cool down for about 3 minutes.

-With a spatula, move them on a cooling rack.

-Let them cool a little bit more (5 minutes).

-Now you've been patient enough!! Eat them like there's no tomorrow!

Little Xtra Tips!

-For those who don't know, browning butter is when you melt it and let it "cook" until it gets brown and has a hazelnut scent.

-Make sure you mix the butter every now and then because it goes from browned to burnt real' quick hahah.

-The mix is hot, sooo really be careful when you add the egg.

-Once the flour is added, careful not to over-mix.

That's all today! Enjoy!

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