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Pan Seared Garlic and Herbs Salmon

Hey there everyone! I finally decided to post my first fish recipe! I don't cook a lot of fish because, WELLL, this here is a "cookbook for the broke that want to eat like the rich" hahah, soooo you know my budget a little bit hahaha. However, at my last job, I discovered how much I loved salmon! It's probably the most basic fish ever, but woowwwwwwww!

I love to eat it grilled, but it's winter time in Montreal hahah, so here I did it pan seared and it was amazing! It was veryyy simple to make; all I used was herbs, garlic, olive oil and salt/pepper. I know it seems hella basic, but trust me it was great!

I posted my pineapple salsa recipe last week, and when I said it went with MANYYYY proteins I wasn't kidding! I tried it with chicken, beef and salmon, and it was amazingggg.

On the salmon the acidity of the pineapple and lime juice just adds the extra tang, sooo feel free to try my salsa with a niceee pan seared salmon!

Hope you enjoy!

What You Need!

Olive oil with herbs


Pineapple salsa (not necessary)


Olive oil with herbs

6 Sage leaves

1 Rosmary spring

2 Origano springs

2 Thyme springs

3 Garlic Cloves

3/4cup Olive oil


-Mince the sage.

-Take the herbs of the springs and chop.

-Mince the garlic.

-Put everything including the oil in a small bowl.

-Leave it in the refrigerator for a day to have the most flavour.

When you start cooking your salmon;

-Preheat your oven at 400F.

-Have a a hot pan with oil ready

-Salt the salmon the put it in the pan (skin side first).

-When it's in the pan, brush it with the herb oil.

-When the skin is crispy, flip the salmon.

-Let it sear for about 2 minutes.

-Then put in the oven for 4-6 minutes.

-Now get it out! and You've got yourself a simple and quick salmon!

With my salmon, I had roasted veggies! You can just toss them in salt and pepper with the herb oil, then roast them in the oven with the salmon in a separate baking dish.

XTRA Info!

-Any salsa is good with it, not just the pineapple one haha, you can try it with my Pico de Gallo.

-If you don't add the salsa but you like the acidity with fish, take a pan and heat it with a little bit of oil and sear half a lemon. This definitely adds a kick!

-No need to wait a day to use the oil. However, waiting will get you a wayyyy better taste because the herbs and garlic will have infused for longer in the oil.

-I put the salsa on top of the skin in the pictures cause it was more aesthetically pleasing hahah, HOWEVERRRR, putting the salsa directly on the fish will be wayyy better because there won't be the skin causing a barrier!

-And finally, when you sear the salmon, you can add springs of Rosmary and thyme, plus half a bulb in the cooking oil for more flavour.

Well that's it for today! Enjoy!

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