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Pan Seared Orange and Honey Salmon Steak

I put some of my favourite flavours to marinate this salmon; Orange, honey, ginger and garlic! Because of the sugars in these ingredients, the salmon gets this amazing caramelized flavour, and it comes out extra gorgeous haha.

If you've tried my previous recipe (spicy lentil salad) and you like salmon, I recommend trying both recipes together, it's a no-brainer, they're just made for each other! You could also simply eat it with roasted veggies and I've also tried it with quinoa salad, it was perfect!

I hope everyone enjoys this salmon, it's good with anything, sooo go crazy!


3 Salmon steaks

200ml Orange juice

100ml Soy sauce

50ml Lime juice

50ml Honey

50ml Rice vinegar

40ml Sriracha

30g Ginger (peeled and roughly chopped)

25g Cilantro (roughly chopped)

3 Garlic cloves (crushed)

1 Orange

1 Lemon

Salt/Pepper to taste


-Cut the lemon in half and juice it, keep the juice aside.

-Rub the lemon on the salmons.

-Now cut 3 slices from the middle of the orange and squeeze the juice out of the ends.

-Put the orange slices and juice with the lemon juice in a bowl.

-Rub the ends of the orange on the salmons.

-Put the salmon in the bowl with the squeezed juices and the orange slices.

-Add all of the ingredients in the bowl, mix well and let it marinate for at least 30 minutes.

-Preheat oven at 375F.

-Heat up a pan with with oil (medium heat).

-Put the ginger, the garlic and the orange slices in the pan.

-Salt both sides of the salmon steaks.

-Put in the pan and flip once they have a beautiful colouring (about 1 minute).

-When both sides are seared, put them on a baking sheet with an orange slice on each.

-Deglaze the pan with the marinade.

-And let it reduce to make the sauce.

-Put the salmons in the oven for 6-8 minutes.

-When the salmon is ready the sauce should be too.

-Take them out of the oven, and make sure your sauce has a thicker, glaze-like consistency.

-Pour the sauce over the salmons.

-Now Get ready to enjoy this!


-You can let it marinate overnight ,like I always say, a longer marinating time will give you muchhh more flavour!

-Make sure your heat is not too low, or your salmon won't colour beautifully, but also make sure its not too high, or it will burn quick because of the sugars. The line between caramelized and burnt is veryyy thin haha!

-As for the sauce, since there's a lot of sweet ingredients in there, it will be easy to see when it's ready. When you see it's thicker instead of translucent and watery, it's ready!

-keep in mind, for the cooking time of the salmon it really depends on the thickness of your pieces.

-Also I used salmon steaks because I just thought it would look prettier with a beautiful sear, but you could very well use any cuts of salmon.

Hope you enjoy!

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