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Pearled Couscous Salad

There's a nice little salad for my WW buddies and everyone else that enjoys an occasional salad! I basically spent the whole week eating it with salmon ,or chicken, or steak, really with just whatever protein!

My favourite thing about this salad is definitely the cucumbers, it gives it such a nice freshness. I hope you try it, its very amazing, refreshing and light!


1½cup couscous dry 5 mins salt

1 Red onion

2/3 Big Cucumber

3 Italian tomatoes

30g Ginger

4tbsp Lime juice

3tbsp Olive oil

3tbsp Chicken stock powder

2tsp Sriracha

2tbsp Chili powder



Pearled Couscous

-In a big pot, bring about 4L of water to a boil.

-Add salt in the water when it starts boiling.

-Add the couscous in the water, and make sure the water is simmering and not boiling like crazyyyy!

-Leave it in there for 6 minutes.

-With a mesh strainer, strain it and pour some cold water over it.

-Put it in a baking pan and let it really cool down in the refrigerator.

Salad Assembly

-Chop very finely the onion.

-Dice the cucumbers and the tomatoes.

-Put all of the in a bowl with the cold couscous.

-Grate the ginger over it.

-Add all the other ingredients and mix.

-Don't forget salt and pepper to your taste.

-There you go! You've got a nice salad!

FYI: If you are vegetarian or vegan no need to add the chicken stock powder! It'll still be amazing! (I'm just obsessed with chicken haha)

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