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Roasted Chicken Salad

After my grilled cheese I can say that this is the easiest recipe on the blog! I love a nice salad, especially when there's chicken involved! hahah

Summer is over so salads aren't really in, but for it's always salad season, I just love them sooo much!

I know a lot of people think salads are boring, but they're only boring if you make them boring, I think building a salad is as exciting as building an ice cream cup at a fro-yo place, just put everything you love in a bowl and here's your salad!

I'm not gonna write a page on how to make salad hahah, butttt I will write down everything I put in mine, how I marinate my chicken and what vinaigrette I like using!

Sooooo, the ingredients I put there are the following:

- Chicken breasts

- Balsamic and orange vinaigrette

- Roasted butternut squash

- Romain lettuce

- Spinach

- Swiss chard leaves

- White cabbage

- Cucumbers

- Cherry tomatoes

- Radish

- Cilantro

- Almonds

- Dried cranberry

So that's a beautiful little list of stuff to create a colourful pretty salad! I like cutting everything finely 'cause it's simpler to eat, but really, you can cut it as you like!

For the roasted squash, I put salt, pepper and paprika and left it 25 minutes in the oven at 350F.

The way I marinated my chicken is exactly the same way I marinated my fried chicken in a previous recipe. I put my chicken to marinate for 3 days, but you can also let the chicken breasts sit in the spices for only 30 minutes. Ideally, more time in the marinade equals more flavour!

Here's the marinade for 3-4 chicken breasts:

10g Cilantro (chopped)

2tbsp Lime juice

2tbsp Honey

2tbsp Soy sauce

1tbsp Sriracha

1tbsp Sambal oelek

1tbsp Montreal steak spices

1tbsp Chili powder

½tbsp Garlic powder (or 3 garlic cloves)

½tbsp Salt

I cooked my chicken in the air-fryer for 20 minutes, and I put the excess marinade in a pot and let it reduce to make a nice sauce to add over the chicken in the end!

You could also very well cook the chicken in any other way you'd like!

ex: baked, grilled, etc.

As for my vinaigrette, that was pretty simple!


1/2cup Orange juice

1/2cup Olive oil

2tbsp Balsamic vinegar

1tbsp Soy sauce

salt/pepper to taste

All you need to do is put everything together and SHAKEEE!

Well I hope you have fun making a nice salad! Just get creative!

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